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1 FORUM RULES (ENGLISH VERSION) on Wto Cze 08, 2010 1:25 am



  • 1. Before you write
    a post, please read the categories to put it in the correct place. Posts addressed badly will be
    removed (to not make a mess of the forum).

  • 2. Avoid
    writing posts like "PoKeMoN" , suuuuper etc. .. This is not welcome by the users and the
    administrator and moderators of the forum. Try to write the
    correct language, without excessive amounts of spelling errors.

  • 3.Avoid
    writing entire posts CAPS. In virtual is
    perceived as shouting and additionally a post is quite illegible.

  • 4. Be tolerant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and life -
    live and let live

  • 5.If you
    have any comments on the spelling of the user, without declaring them
    on the forum use the "private message" on the User profile.

  • 6.Racist,
    offensive, pornographic, vulgar (posts, avatars and nicknames) will
    receive a warning from an administrator or moderator. In case of further use of such prohibited content,
    consequently, the user may receive a ban. Be

  • 7.Be
    forgiving of others. Everyone took his first steps on the Internet. Please tactful treatment of
    beginners and their lack of stigma
    ignorance in a way ironic, etc.

  • 8.Each
    user must remember that the administrator and moderators of are also users, NOT A trackers breaking rules. Do not worry that
    it might be a slight slip between your post and our reaction and
    response to the problem but the reaction will be - we provide.

  • 9.The
    administrator has the right to remove the topic or post as he thinks it
    hurt third parties, or acts to the overall detriment of the forum.

  • 10.Each
    user has the right to bring an action in the admin or moderator, if
    their behavior violated the rules. For this purpose, please send mail to one
    of us (admins & moderators) for the joint examination. Conclusions and
    findings by the user will receive a Private Message.

  • 10a.Placing links to other pages (without
    first consulting with the administration) can cause a warning in case of
    continuing spamming threatened with ban

  • 11.In the event of non-threatening penalty points above
    the reminders until the banning an IP address (that is all user logins). With a steady and persistent
    users ragged, you can expect that you return the attention of admins.

  • We
    wish to log on frequently and many, many interesting ideas for topics
    and threads
Admins & Moderators


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