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B-Boy Tronik (Arktika)

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1 B-Boy Tronik (Arktika) on Czw Cze 04, 2009 10:42 pm



from Stary Oskol, Russia, Arktika is a musical project producing tight
dance grooves as well as downtempo beats and killer productions of all
styles. From breaks to epic trance, to electo, freestyles hip hop to
straight euro trance and even pop, Artyom Tiunov, the lead
musician/producer of the group has been acclaimed in several genres to
date for both his original recordings to his remixing capabilites.
Drawing on a love of old school breakdance as well as dope dance,
breakbeat, epic melodies and warm ambient sounds, there is little
question as to why Arktika has topped the mp3.com charts this month in
his respective genres.
In Russia, Arktika is well known as a remixer
and megamix producer. Currently, 'Diver' the new single off his epic
trance CD entitled "Millenium of Dance" is playing on Russian radio
He has 2 self-released CD's, Electro Empire (2003), and
Millenium of Dance (2003) [Epic Trance/Breakbeat] His third CD is due
out in April, 2003.
His new song "Play This Tune at Full Blast"
which was produced along with his friend, DJ Forward, made it up to #37
on the MP3.com Electronic Charts and #2 on the Breakbeat chart in March
2003. This is just one of several songs that have made the top 10 on
the MP3.com charts in their respective genres.
Arktika started
DJ'ing in 1993. In September 2002 he placed 8th in a competition of
electro artists organized by ElectroEmpire/The Formic Records.
His track 'Stomp to My Beat' was released on 'Super Club Compilation 2002' a Russian club music compilation.
musical influences include Cirrus, Omar Santana, Way Out West, Hybrid,
Aphrodite, Ferry Corsten, Darude, Flying Steps, Freestyle Project, and
Westbam, Music Instructor.
Similar artists are Cirrus, Omar Santana,
Way Out West, Hybrid, Aphrodite, Freestylers, Darude, Flying Steps,
Freestyle Project, Music Instructor, Bomfunk MC's, Lunatic Calm,
Crystal Method, Artful Doger and Warp Brothers.

Members: Tiunov Artyom (Russia), Salma J. Shamy (USA)
01 B-Boy Tronik - Freestyle Music (2003/ CD Land);
02 B-Boy Tronik - Rock Your Body (2003/CD Land);
03 Arktika - Epic Trance (2004/CD Land);
04 B-Boy Tronik - I Am Your Dj (2004/CD Land)
05 B-Boy Tronik - Overdrive (2006/CD Land)
06 Arktika - Heart Of The World (2007/iRecords)
- http://bboytronik.narod.ru
- http://www.soundclick.com/bboytronik
- http://www.soundclick.com/arktika
- http://bboytronik.pDJ.ru (a page of promotion)




2 Re: B-Boy Tronik (Arktika) on Sro Cze 17, 2009 11:12 am


MusicON V.I.P
MusicON V.I.P


3 Re: B-Boy Tronik (Arktika) on Sro Gru 30, 2009 7:55 pm


MusicON V.I.P
MusicON V.I.P
Jako ciekawostkę dodam, że po przejściu na trance zaczęliśmy (jako SD) featuring z Timem. Niestety, jak większość projektów, stanęło gdzieś w okolicach breakdownu Wink.

Dodaję link do jego myspace'a (bo nie mogłem znaleźć powyżej), dziś stylistycznie też dość daleko od EF:


4 Re: B-Boy Tronik (Arktika) on Pon Mar 01, 2010 10:19 am


B-Boy Tronik / Arktika official website is launching, check it out brothers


5 http://www.bboytronik.ru/index.php?p=music on Wto Mar 02, 2010 12:18 am


kurde kozackie te single na jego stronce ma ktoś je???

6 Re: B-Boy Tronik (Arktika) on Sro Mar 24, 2010 9:25 am


Singles and all the albums can be bought now by sending sms-messages to a system generated number. But first, you need sign up the system.

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