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Electro-Freestyle,Breakdance, hip-hop, miami bass, oldschool & newstyle, electric boogie

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Greeting :) (Cool Style/freestyle4you)

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1 Greeting :) (Cool Style/freestyle4you) on Sro Cze 17, 2009 10:37 am


MusicON V.I.P
MusicON V.I.P
greeting! My name is Il'ya. I'm from Russian Federation and my age now is 21 years. I love electro/freestyle music. And I can tell you more - it's my life...
I've composed my own music formerly. You may download it here: (my nicknames were - "Cool Style", "Nero~" and "Fun Story")
Also i like such music:
ELECTRO/FREESTYLE: Freestyle Project, B-Boy Tronik, Flying Steps, Bodywork, Double Effect, Styleshakerz, eXtatic, Sonic Division, Double Effect, DJ Locke, SKR, Music Instructor, Blazetune, Free System.
EURODANCE: Technotronic, Pandera, DJ Dado, Magic Affair, N-Trance, Solid Base, Capital Sound, X-Fade, X-Pression, 2 Fabiola, Captain Hollywood, Scooter, DJ Bobo, Ceres, Sash!
NEW AGE/CHILL OUT: Gregorian, Arktika, Ten Madison, Enigma, DJ Tiesto.
TRANCE: Scooter, Darude, Sonic Division, ATB, Astral Projection, Lange.
It's me:

My freestyle-album you may download (for free) here:
P.S. Thanks to mAxX10.
He recommended to me this forum. It's excellent forum, there is a lot of good electro/freestyle music! Thanks to all the members of this musical portal!!!!

2 Re: Greeting :) (Cool Style/freestyle4you) on Sro Cze 17, 2009 6:52 pm


Yo m8 ! Welcome on new MusicOn. Thanks for introducing yourself second time Wink
Anyway hope you gonna stay with us !

GreatZ from dj

3 Re: Greeting :) (Cool Style/freestyle4you) on Sro Cze 17, 2009 8:16 pm


HI COOL STYLE!!! Very Happy

Nice to see you back on MusicOn!!!Very Happy

Greetings for you :*

4 Re: Greeting :) (Cool Style/freestyle4you) on Nie Wrz 13, 2009 8:37 pm


E E eE!!!!!Привет привет!!!!!!!!!!!=)))))

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